Recording Training


So you’ve decided to try using audio recordings in your Oral English class? Great!

Here are 2 example recordings you can use to see how we analyze the 3 types of mistakes (Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary) and how we ask the students to analyze and notate their mistakes.

These training recordings and papers can be used for teacher training or as examples to show the students what to write.

Suggested Use

  1. Listen to Apple’s Recording and write an analysis using a blank Recording Analysis Page from our worksheet section.
  2. Compare your analysis with ours.
  3. Listen to Cherry’s Recording and write an analysis.
  4. Compare your analysis with ours.

  Apple's Recording (744 hits)

  Apple's Recording Analysis (793 hits)


  Cherry's Recording (738 hits)

  Cherry's Recording Analysis (778 hits)

Notation Notes

Pronunciation Mistakes 

  • distinguished by IPA inside /slashes/ or inside [square braces]
  • 3 types:
    1. forgetting (indicated by a “x” in front of the IPA)
    2. adding (indicated by a “+” in front of the IPA)
    3. switching (indicated by “vs.” or “≠” between two sets of IPA)
    4. “Stress” could be considered a pronunciation mistake, and in that case we just write “stress” in the “Problem” column

Grammar Mistakes 

  • distinguished by a “formula” of some kind using “do” as the generic verb when necessary

Vocabulary Mistakes 

  • usually just set phrases or words that need to be memorized

Please let us know if you have any feedback on these materials!

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