Chinese Cheat Sheet

  Chinese Classroom Cheat Sheet - 28 February 2012 (2,142 hits)

How this was created

All the words and phrases on this cheat sheet were submitted (in English) by the teachers of Peizheng College as things they wished they’d been able to say in Chinese during class.

Note on using Chinese in an English classroom

I understand the desire for a total immersion environment where only English is spoken. Unfortunately, it’s not happening at most colleges in China. The few hours we spend with our students each week are really not enough to create that English-only world that would probably be so helpful to the students. So, although we try to use as much English as possible in the classroom, there are many situations when an appropriate little Chinese word or phrase can save a lot of time, energy, and sometimes even face. I hope this cheat sheet will be useful in facilitating even more English practice time for the students, not less.

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